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The Cosmetrab, company authorized by ACT under No. 814 09 1 11 10 and DGS under No. 178/2011, has a team of experts in the fields of and Occupational Health and Safety.

According to the current legislation and to promote and surveillance of workers' health, the Cosmetrab undertakes the organization and maintenance of medical services in the work of the contractor, ensuring competence, speed and confidentiality in the provision of their services.

Evaluation of workers consists of clinical examination, within the framework of the risks inherent in each activity.

Other tests, however, may be performed according to the protocol established for each economic activity, namely: eye tracking, Respiratory Function Tests (Expirometrias), hearing screenings (Audiograms) among others.

To that end, in order to minimize waiting times and lack of jobs, the Cosmetrab offers its customers the following embodiments of the medical examinations:

1 - Visit by Doctor and Nurse / Technical Assistant to the customer premises (when guaranteed minimum conditions for the performance of their duties);
2 - Movement of Mobile Health Unit Cosmetrab to the customer premises;
3 - Clinical Examinations / Complementary in the Cosmetrab facilities;
4 - Clinical Examination / Supplementary filed in clinics with Cosmetrab.