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- Safety and Health at Work - Fines
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- Training Health and Safety at Work - Face
- Training and Hygiene noTrabalho Safety E-Learning:
(Especially suitable for: Banking, Insurance, Carriers,

Distributors, hotels, petrol stations, Catering, Cleaning, Chain stores, .....)

- Information to workers: 1st Aid, evacuation techniques, Fighting fires and Safety at Work.
- Consultation of Employees: At room E-Learning


- Risks in the workplace - Risk per job
- Noise - Dust
- Thermal Environment - Lighting
- Signalling - Ergonomics


External Security Services at Work
(Article 93 of Law No. 102/2009 of 10 September)

Authorized by ACT under No. 814 09 1 11 10 to the high risks:

- Activities involving the use or storage of significant quantities of dangerous chemicals likely to cause serious accidents

- Activities involving exposure to carcinogens, mutagens or toxic to reproduction

- Activities involving exposure to biological agents of group 3 or 4

- Work involving exposure to silica